Saturday, April 30, 2011

You wish you were cool like me.

I slept until noon today, and when I got up my dog was whining the go outside. I peeked out our sunroom windows and didn't see anyone, so I just let her out and wandered into the backyard in my pajamas.

...yeah, my neighbors were totally in their yard with their tiny dog. My big dog immediately went nuts and started running along the fence barking at the tiny dog, and the tiny dog (who thinks he is a big dog) did the same. So the dogs are behaving like wild animals and my neighbors are trying to be cordial, because it is noon and they've been up for hours and are dressed like normal people.

I'm wearing a maternity shirt, my husband's flannel PJ pants, I'm barefoot, and I haven't even looked in a mirror yet, let alone done anything with my bedhead. And my neighbors are trying to talk to me about lawn care, dogs, and how pregnant I am. (The fence is only about four feet high, so they could me in all my disheveled glory.)

This is about when I realize that our giant, stupid cat is in the backyard. He is not supposed to be in the backyard. So I scoop him up and now my neighbors are all, "oh, you have a kitty!" and I am barefoot and pregnant and wearing PJs and my hair is messy and I am holding a giant cat in my yard while my dog misbehaves.

You wish you could all have mornings that are this awesome... right?

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