Friday, April 1, 2011

Diabetes... for real this time!


Three weeks ago, I went in for my usual appointment and my OB/GYN and I did our little dance about my weight gain. The tape measure came out, and my OB frowned. Apparently, I was suddenly measuring a month ahead, and my scheduled 36-week growth ultrasound became a surprise 33-week what-the-eff-is-wrong-with-you ultrasound.

Thankfully, nothing is wrong with Pax except that he is freaking gigantic. Why is he freaking gigantic? Well, that's my fault. That's my big, fat diabetic fault.

It took the attending OB for the ultrasound all of five minutes to check over my glucose tolerance scores and diagnose me with gestational diabetes. Why no one (besides myself, of course) could've figured this out sooner still baffles me. A pregnant lady presenting with inexplicable weight gain, a family history of Type II diabetes and borderline glucose intolerance... what part of that doesn't scream "please treat me, oh please, oh please"?

Anyway. I will climb down off my soapbox now...

The fun doesn't end there. I am currently living off a limited supply of glucose test strips given to me by the kind people at the endocrinology center, since my extremely crap-tastic health insurance is giving me the runaround on paying for the damn things. They denied my pharmacy claim, then, when I called, the customer service rep told me that test strips are "over the counter items" and the insurance won't pay for them. The HR manager at my husband's work contacted the insurance rep, who replied that the insurance will cover the test strips if I buy them from a medical supply store, since they will then be billed as DME. The problem now is that there is still a $100 deductible for DME and the nearest medical supply store is not exactly "near".

These are the same strips that are available at the pharmacy. I don't see why I need to order them from some specialty store a million miles away and drive forever to pick them up when they are available at the local CVS.

We'll see how this plays out.

BTW, the photo above is Pax at 33 weeks. He's already larger than my cousin's newborn, who coincidentally, arrived at 2 AM this morning. :)

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  1. Congrats on your cousin's baby! And Pax is darned cute in there :)

    Although I don't have the GD, I'm flippin' huge (as one should be when carrying 10 pounds of babies). Measured 50.5cm yesterday. No wonder I'm so freakin' slow...