Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Car Seat Fail

This is what a Chicco KeyFit 22 looks like installed on a LATCH base in the back of a VW Rabbit:

Note how it BARELY fits back there. The passenger seat is smooshed up so that my poor husband's knees are against the dashboard and the back of the seat is hitting the handle on the bucket. We tried installing it first behind the driver's seat, because my passenger seat is actually broken and doesn't stay forward (it doesn't lock on the tracks when you pull it up), but I couldn't get the seat far enough back for me to drive (curse these long legs)!

That $60 car seat base? It had to go.

Here is the seat installed with the seat belt behind the driver's seat. It actually fits, hooray! What is considerably less hooray is that it is a total PAIN IN THE BUTT and we're going to have strap the seat in every single time we use it. With a baby in it. Oh, the joy... BUT, it fits, I can get the seat back enough that I can drive, my husband isn't smashed against the dashboard, everyone is happy. For now. Until we need a bigger car seat.

...WHY didn't I just lease a bigger car instead of financing this stupid hatchback a few months ago???

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  1. Did you try putting it in the middle? It's safer anyway from side impact and stuff.