About Nerdmama

I didn't mean to get pregnant.  Children were something that mostly happened to the other people.  It wasn't that I was completely opposed to ever having kids, it was just that I thought I'd turn 28 or 29 or even 30 and suddenly some switch would be flipped in my head, and I'd want a baby.

Which is why I freaked out a little when, at the age of 24, I watched two pink lines appear on the pregnancy test perched on the edge of my bathroom counter.

Some time later, I had hysterics all over again after pushing a 7 pound, 10 ounce baby out my delicate parts.  I'd never held a newborn, my husband had never changed a diaper, and our son had never experienced the world outside my uterus.  All three of us were a little freaked out.

We're okay now.

After I found out I was pregnant, I fashioned myself the alias of Nerdmama and joined the message boards at What to Expect dot com.  The community there is invaluable for moms (both first-time and veterans), and the women there inspired me to start blogging about my pregnancy experience.  After giving birth, I decided that I didn't want to stop blogging--in fact, I wanted to blog more.

What started as a way to record my feelings about my surprise pregnancy turned into a place to share my thoughts and concerns about raising our little geekling.  You see, Paxton doesn't have a choice but to be a tiny geek--he's being raised by a couple of very, very nerdy people.  We're vaguely terrified he'll turn out to like sports or trucks or some other unspeakable horror that is completely outside our sphere of experience.

You might enjoy this blog best if you're into science fiction, fantasy novels, really strong prescription glasses, art history (it's kind of my thing), sustainability and tiny Volkswagens.  It's possible that you'll enjoy it even if you're not into those things.  Maybe you just have a thing for sarcastic nerd moms.  In that case, you're in luck.