Friday, March 23, 2012

Sun Madness

The weather has been unseasonably nice here in Cleveland. Warm, sunny, a nice breeze. Heaven. Unfortunately, heaven also comes with sun madness, a disease that makes you want to buy a crappy convertible and play hooky for 4/5ths of the work week.

(BTW, I've got a personal blog that will probably update more often than Nerdmama, and you can view it here: A lot of it currently deals with sun madness.)

Pax and I have been out and about a lot because of the sun madness. We visited the zoo last Wednesday, and we've been out for daily walks--sometimes, twice a day! We had a big family walk last night with my husband and the dog... after a short walk in the afternoon and a walk to visit grandpa in the morning. I'm going to have killer thighs by the time the clouds roll back in.

Last Saturday, we got some sandwiches and took Pax on his first visit to the lake. In retrospect, it might have been a bit soon, because he got sand everywhere, but it was so nice out and I think Pax really enjoyed himself. He regarded the still-frigid lake as a giant bath and splashed around without much care for the cold. I can't wait until he's a bit bigger and can toddle around in the sand and not try to eat the rocks.

I also finally took the leap of buying the big carseat. My tiny VW Rabbit now sports a rear-facing Britax Marathon Classic in the backseat. It's, um... it's interesting. More on that later, maybe. The good news is, at least it fits. Kind of.

School and things are still trucking along, I am still running myself ragged, etc. etc. I have an interview next Thursday for an internship at the art museum--I am VERY excited for the opportunity and will probably be antsy until the interview. This weekend, my husband and I are joining my German class to go see a movie at the international film festival (and maybe we'll have dinner, too). That will be fun, I'm sure. And then the rest of this weekend... homework. Soooo much homework.

I need to clear off my camera's memory card, then I want to post some photos of baby at the zoo, baby at the beach, etc. One moment, please...