Friday, April 8, 2011

I don't have a witty title for this.

I'm starting to feel like I live part-time at the Cleveland Clinic.

I went to the endocrine center on Monday and I just got home from a midwife appointment for an NST. I have a growth ultrasound with my perinatologist on Tuesday and an OB/GYN appointment on Friday. And after that... who knows? Eighteen more appointments with various medical professionals?

For the record: this is my OB/GYN. This guy is my perinatologist. This is the hunky OB/GYN who read a few of my ultrasounds (although that photo is decidedly not hunky at all).

The big thing is going to be the visit with Dr. Khoury, the perinatologist, on Tuesday. Pax has passed two NSTs in the past two weeks (with flying colors, even), but my blood sugar is still unpredictable and I can tell Pax is growing by leaps and bounds. The punches and kicks have turned into wiggles and squirms as he's started to run out of room in my uterus--but that hasn't stopped him from attempting to host his own 24/7 dance party, which is starting to become uncomfortable. (Still, poor Soup has it way worse. :P)

I've been driving myself crazy wondering when Pax is going to be evicted. My thoughts have slowly turned from "oh, diabetes means induction" to "oh, diabetes actually means induction and that's actually going to happen soon". The midwife I spoke with this morning after my NST told me that diabetes are normally induced between 39 and 40 weeks, and that I would definitely not be allowed to go past my original due date (the Clinic usually only considers induction after 41 weeks). In the same breath, she told me not to be surprised if Dr. Khoury gives me a date before 39 weeks--it all depends on Paxton's size and if we can regulate my blood sugar.

I'm going to be a little on-edge until Tuesday. I'll probably continue to be on-edge afterwards.

Who wants to take bets on my induction date???

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