Friday, April 29, 2011

My last OB appointment...

I had my final OB appointment today. The next time I see my OB/GYN, I'll be six weeks post-partum.

Amanda, the medical assistant whom I seem to get most often at my OB/GYN practice, commented on how much better my PUPPP looked as she strapped me up to the fetal monitor this afternoon for the final NST. My OB was also pleased at the results from a week of steroids, antihistamines and antibiotics.

Pax behaved for his last non-stress test, thankfully. Things seem to be going pretty well for him in there. My belly is, for the record, huge--as my OB put it, "you're getting big!" As if I haven't been big...

The weight gain has stopped. I've held steady at [insert embarrassing amount here] for two weeks, now. It's making me giddy to think that I will never have to step onto a scale and see that number again.

Amanda asked if I wanted more kids. I told her there was a Master's degree with my name on it waiting for me before I attempted to do this again. She laughed.

I'll be admitted to the hospital on Monday afternoon, and after a night of Cervadil, they'll start me on a Pitocin drip Tuesday morning. Like it or not, I'm having a baby this week. :)


  1. I'm so excited for you! I'll be sending lots of positive thoughts your way hoping that everything goes well! :D

  2. Hi just want to ask if your puppp scars faded after delivery? I'm in my 37th week now and my puppp has gone worse too, forming map like blotches on my legs. I've been using Grandpa's Pine Tar Soap to ease the itch a bit since I'm so scared to finish another bottle of steroid cream & take any more anti histamines. I just want to know if it has gone away, I'm giving up hope already... Can't seem to find any pictures on the net similar to mine except for yours. Thank you and hoping for your reply! Congratulations on the baby though just realized that this post was years ago... :)