Sunday, January 15, 2012

The First Snow

It finally got around to snowing in Cleveland a couple days ago. Up until last week, we'd been having unseasonably warm weather... I mean, really, ridiculously unseasonably warm weather. When it is 62 degrees and sunny in northeast Ohio in December, something has got to be wrong.

Inspired by another mom from WTE who lives in the NEO (how's that for acronyms, BTW?), I wanted photos of Paxton outside in the snow. There was one problem with this: the child doesn't have mittens.

We went to Babies 'R' Us, loathsome, soul-sucking store that it is (obviously my feelings about the store have not changed since before my pregnancy) to seek out baby mittens last night. When we finally found the one, teensy rack of winter gear for infants, they only thing they had that was not pink and covered in pom-poms was a powder-blue hat/mitten set, sized 3T/4T. We did not buy it. Babies do not need mittens that badly, I decided.

So this morning, I bundled Pax up and brought him outside. I made my husband take pictures of us in the cold. Less than five minutes later, we were inside, enjoying a warm bath.

Worth it? Oh, yes. Look at his cute little confused face:

For the record, Pax was wearing his footed Superman PJ's underneath a pair of fleece footed pants, insulated jeans, a hoodie, hat and coat. This is proof that babies look cute in pretty much anything, whereas their mothers don't fare so well in winter gear, which only makes them look chunky. Therefore, silly moms like me go outside for photos in what they deem to be cute "wintery" outfits (made up of yoga gear, Wellington boots, skinny jeans and matching accessories), sit in the snow and freeze their butts off:

Now that the novelty has worn off and the photos are taken... is it spring yet? Three days and I'm already sick of the cold and snow...


  1. Cute! You look great and Pax is adorable. Been following you since clicking a link to your blog on babycenter or whatever baby site I had an app for on my! Anyway, glad you got some snow and a cute pic.

    1. Aww, thanks! I'm so glad you like the blog enough to keep reading! That means a lot to me, really. :)