Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Examination of the viewing stats for this blog over the past few months has led me to a realization: the internet somehow thinks I am an expert on PUPPP. The Nerdmama blog appears on the first page of Google search results! Whoever thought a skin condition would make me popular? I seem to recall my skin being the reason I was mercilessly teased in junior high... you know, besides being an insufferable, geeky know-it-all. :)

For anyone who is wondering how my life has been post-PUPPP, here's the scoop: the medical community says that PUPPP usually doesn't scar. Well, remember how my OB said I was just lucky because I got GD and PUPPP? I was lucky enough to get PUPPP scars, too! Woohoo!

I have a ton of tiny scars from where the blisters broke open all over my legs. My arms aren't too bad, but there is a lot of noticeable discoloration on my forearms from where the worst of it was. My stomach, amazingly, escaped mostly unscathed, although I am going to need some serious resurfacing before I am ever seen in a bikini again.

I saw my dermatologist about the scars a couple months ago and there's not really a lot I can do about them. He suggested bleaching them, which I did for about two months before losing interest. I really should get back on that, though, because it had started to work--and the bleaching cream was doing wonders on the stretch marks, too. For the record, it's this stuff:

Available at drugstore.com for under $6!

It's cheap and it's effective. If you're looking to get rid of PUPPP scars, I recommend it. My dermatologist actually told me to get this brand, too--he said that it is just as effective as prescription creams, and you get more cream for less money. Nice. I am all about more for less. If you're not into buying online, I've also found this stuff at Walgreens (but not at CVS or Target).

I'll let you guys know if I ever get rid of the scars. I also just updated the navigation header with a new page, entitled PUPPP Help, which includes a series of links to websites with information on PUPPP and information about possible treatment options. I hope it helps anyone who gets the rash, because let's face it: late pregnancy is already pretty miserable, there's no reason to be in more pain than you have to be!

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