Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Freaking Vampires.

This is a photo of my arm. I suspect that your arm is NOT supposed to look like this 24+ hours after having blood drawn. One tiny vial of blood drawn. With a butterfly needle.

It's so gross. I discovered it after taking off my sweater this evening to shower and I can't stop looking at it.

It looks really yellow in the photo, but trust me, it's purple. Purple with red spots. It looks like I got stabbed a dozen times with a very tiny fork.

I suspected that the tech drawing my blood messed up yesterday, because a) it hurt going in, and b) it bruised up right away (but not as badly as it's bruised now). I suspect it must have bled more after I took the compression bandage off to go to bed, since it didn't look like this last night. That's impressive, because that bandage had been on for over five hours.

Of course, this happens after I have gotten SO GOOD at this whole monthly bloodletting game. I have been so, so good about it. I waltz in, ask for my butterfly needle, endure the two minutes of torture and walk out calmly instead of running out while clutching my purse and sobbing. I've been so good.

Then this happens, and now getting giant, ugly, painful bruises is all I'm going to think about next time I'm due for bloodwork.


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  1. That's happened to me. You're right, the nurse probably fucked up the blood draw. A good nurse should be able to do it with minimal pain and bruising, unless you just bruise easily lol. I'm a hard stick since my veins are small and like to move around so I usually ask for someone more experienced.