Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Teeth: They're for Eating.

After two months of constant drool, Pax has teeth. Two of them, actually.

At his four-month appointment, I asked our doctor to feel for teeth because of all the drool. I'd been feeling around while rubbing Pax's gums down with Baby Orajel and hadn't felt anything, but I thought her expert fingers might find something I'd missed. Alas, she didn't feel any teeth, either.

My husband found the tooth one night while I was in class. He was very excited and attempted to make me stick my hand in Pax's mouth in the parking lot of the Rapid station (teeth couldn't wait until we got home).

The day after, Tristan found another tooth. Two days, two tiny bottom teeth.

Our doctor had told us that we could start solids at four months, and despite Pax's interest, his tongue wouldn't have anything to do with cereal. We tried again a couple weeks ago and, once again, the cereal was spat out.

A few days ago, while my husband was napping off a headache, I sat down with a bowl of ramen noodles for myself and a bowl of homemade carrot puree for Pax. We'd gotten through half the bowl before I realized that Paxton was actually eating food and that Tristan would probably want to see it.

Thanksgiving is next month here in the U.S., and I just realized that it involves the perfect food opportunities for an almost-seven-month-old. Mashed potatoes, Swedish turnip (rutabaga, for those who don't speak Brit), sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, corn... I love when babies eat things (seriously, I think babies eating things is downright adorable) and I'm very much looking forward to seeing all those vegetables smeared all over Pax. :)

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  1. Yay for teeth! I'm glad they're coming in.

    I know this is kinda weird, but after your Avon posting of last month (?) I started wondering if Avon still made the "Silicone Glove" lotion, and/or if you live close enough to me to be my Avon rep. I haven't purchased Avon in several years, but my husband swears by that stuff. We're in Twinsburg. Email address is amynicole717 at gmail.com. :) Thanks!